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Thursday, April 23, 2009

zomg no wai.

I created a tumblr account to post (interesting/inspirational/aesthetic) photographs/quotes/text of the day. If you like the pictures I take on this blog, then you'll probably like the pictures on my tumblr. http://haisteph.tumblr.com.

And since I'm waiting for a certain someone to arrive, I shall use my time wisely!


First as always, cute doggy pictures!

Oscar and Bobo (Munmun's brother) frolicking in my backyard.


Last night, I was browsing through my old albums of pictures that were stashed within lots of folders and came across photos of my adolescent days. For fun, I zoomed in on one of the pictures with a clear shot of the skin on my face and I gasped (roommate then gave me a weird stare); not because I thought the picture was horrendous, but because my skin was so terrible back in the days!

Not that I'm saying that my skin is totally perfect, and I do have those bad skin days when I just break out (especially when Aunt Flo is visiting). I can honestly say (and my friends can agree with me on this) that my skin is so much more clearer than my adolescent days. I think it's partially due to hormones being stabilized, better skin care, and better dieting.

Beware! Pictures of my face LOL. Click on the pictures to zoom in, if you dare!



Notice the huge difference? Hehehe I am happy! I must say that the honey-aspirin mask worked for me really well! It got rid of most of my blemishes/scars and such.

I've had acne-ridden skin ever since the fifth grade. It's been over ten years now, and I'm so glad that I'm way past that stage in my life when I was (secretly) insecure about my bad skin. I remember classmates used to make negative references to my skin, and now that it's cleared up, karma bit them in the butt. Yes, they ended up getting acne hehehehe! Who says karma isn't real?


Wasin said...

So awesome. I can stalk you on twitter, your blog and now tumblr! jk.

But yeah your pictures came out nice. I need to get me a Nokia N95 as well :3 Then I can start using my tumblr.

The picture of Oscar running after boba is absolutely adorable.

Dude karma bit me in the ass. Remember how I used to rub my clear skin in on you back in the days? Now you get to do so to me :P

CHOMSIRI said...

omg it does work for you! i cant wait to see you in person! :D

LipStick Staiin said...

ill check ur tumblr sometimes! heheh


Anonymous said...

it's all photoshop!

Whit said...

wow i gotta try that mask!!!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss 2 of your most recent posts? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with everyones updates lately! lol

Your skin definitely shows major difference now!!! Yay for aspirin & honey masks!!!!

-Thank u for always coming by my page. It brings a big ol smile to my face to know I can count on you to be there when I publish a new post & know someones actually reading! lol =D

Anastacia said...

Your skin looks so smooth!
very nice!

ANGE said...

your skin looks so gorgeous now!! so smooth and silky! LOL

some people can be sooo mean. i mean, i would never ever make snide remarks, or even off-hand remarks, about someone's skin or weight or whatever. that's just plain rude!

lo.christine417 said...

ahahaha wasin was the one you were talking about. yea thats right, wasin, karma got you backk

Anonymous said...

Honey-aspirin. I remember every time I came over (which isn't THAT many times), you always tried some new remedy thing. Haha. The zoomed-in pictures need a bigger disclaimer. Scared the shiz outta me :O