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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do You Like Fishsticks?

I've been thinking about topics to blog about, and I would usually blog about my week. I don't want another typical recollection of the activities I've done over the week, but some with some thought and depth. Unless those topics get too boring to read, the I don't know. Blogging like this isn't really challenging/improving my writing skills, so what now?

I'm thinking of making a tumblr.com account because I have so many photos to post along with their descriptions, that it seems to make perfect sense to create one. I am a lazy person, and I'd rather post pretty pictures with a sentence-long description, rather than typing out a whole story (hence my weekly postings).

Who takes the time to read every word anyway?
It's okay, this is for my own reference, for when I want to browse through this blog a few years from now. By then, most likely, I'll probably have another new blog in the future (maybe when I graduate from school?). This is me, for this period of time anyway.


My group of friends and I surprised two birthday girls with tickets to the Britney Spears concert this past Friday at the Staples Center. They were (obviously) ecstatic! I wish we could've joined them, but these tickets were first of all expensive, and hard to get.

We took them out to dinner at Little Fat Sheep, which was a place for northern Chinese hot pot. It was my first time there; as I walked into the restaurant, it smelled like faintly like Chinese herbal medicine. Later did I know that they add Chinese herbs into the delicious broth, so it's good for you. Despite the fact that they add the herbs in their broth, the herbs helped with the flavoring, and you'll be drinking the broth knowing that it's good for you!

For an Asian restaurant, their customer service was pretty good. The staff was attentive, so thumbs up for that!


My desserts-run friend Wasin and I went to Old Town Pasadena to try some Dots Cupcakes. When we walked into the cramped contemporary-styled (isn't every trendy bakery?), there was a strong tantilizing aroma of a mixture of cream, vanilla, and flour; I didn't mind it. The cupcakes that were on display were really adorable; some had a flower-shaped fondant sprinkle placed in the center, some had regular jimmies on them. Of course, the frosting on each cupcake was decoratively spread in a tiered layer (look at the pictures for reference). We ordered red velvet, vanilla chocolate, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake. After ordering these cakes, the cashier gave us cute "bambü" forks for us to pick on our portable desserts.

Dots carries a supply of mini-sized cupcakes ($1.50) and regular-sized cupcakes ($2.75). Don't let the cute packaging and decorations fool you! Dots is no Sprinkles, if you prefer your cupcakes rich and moist. The frosting on red velvet was quite creamy (I'd prefer my cream cheese frosting with more of cream cheese taste), but the overall cake(s) (including its taste and texture) was just like any American cake.

I personally don't enjoy eating American cake in large amounts, for the cake is usually 1) dry and rough like overcooked chicken breast, and 2) too sweet (for me to say that, it's saying something). Dots cakes aren't very rich, meaning after one cupcake you'd be ready for the next one. If you don't like rich-flavored cakes, then Dots is probably for you.

Next up my non-existant "Things to Try" list is My Sweet Cupcake, which is conveniently located near my local Trader Joe's. I am having high hopes for that one!


I don't know if I mentioned this in earlier posts, but I talk to my mother everyday, whether she calls me before I call her.

I've been home for two weeks in a row since last weekend, by the way. I called call her yesterday (Monday) afternoon because I had just finished class for the day and was walking to the trolley stop. She picked up, and asked "Aww do you miss mommy already?" Trying to hold in a smile, I immediately said "n-n-no! I don't miss you! You'll just yell at me for not calling you tomorrow!"

Mother: "Are you coming home this weekend as well? Ha ha!"
Me: "Nah, I'm not coming home-" (hears Father joke in background) "Stop coming home!! I don't want to drive you back every weekend!"
Mother: "Yeah, your dad is tired. It's okay, no matter what I love you my oldest baby!"
Me: -holding in a smile- "Aww Mommm! Okay byeee!"

I do miss my parents. They're weird, but I love them.


LipStick Staiin said...

tumblr seems harder for me to use.. i tried it before.. where r all those deserts from? veryy yummie and sweet!


lo.christine417 said...

i like your dessert pictures very much. and they look expensive. parents are weird! but they are sometimes very funny.

lo.christine417 said...

omg, i think i get the joke now. I'm a GAY FISH! muahahaha -.- aiyah.

Sarah said...

Oh those cupcakes! My GOD! I would sell my first born child for one of those right now lol

kylie said...

little fat sheep is greatt! have i told u about yelp? u should make an acct and start reviewing restaurants ;) haha more cupcakes! i think thats going to be my new nickname for u :) cupcake <3

Anonymous said...

LOL @ your script about your conversation with your mom. so cute!!! u make me miss my parents. lol.

I talk to my mom at least once a week. If she doesnt hear from me she'll text me also. She normally gets bored and texts me around 3am her time. Crazy!!!!

You are very blessed to have such caring parents.