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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Embracing Creativity

Try to recall your first days of school, whether it be preschool or kindergarten (I never attended preschool). You learned your ABCs, One-two-three's, nursery rhymes, and you had nap times (something we all took for granted nowadays)! My most favorite memory of kindergarten was the arts and crafts time we had. Sure they were assignments, but I never considered any art project a chore (now, some kids are really lazy). Instead, I had fun with it!

In my earlier days, I was a naive child (I suppose most children are) and wasn't very knowledgeable about this concept called "art." For all I know, I just enjoyed drawing and coloring pictures! In the second grade, I remember making lots of picture books with short stories. I wish I still had them! In the fifth grade when Pokemon was the craze, I drew pictures of Pokemon in my spare time (and I thought I was pretty darn good at it). Whatever it was, I loved working with my hands! Looking back now, I wish I had saved all of my timeless articles of precious memories. With technology nowadays, the only remnants of any recent creative work is in the form of digital photographs.

When I started high school, I was messing with Adobe Photoshop and tried to create cool looking images for my -then- website. Messing with HTML was fun, but somewhat useless at the time? It was a hobby to code and build websites back in the day; now I'm being lazy and sticking with blogging sites such as Xanga and Blogger.

In my sophomore year of high school, I made jewelery composing of mostly Swarovksi crystals and silver, which the interest was sparked from an aunt. My mom helped me sell these, as well as getting the materials for my small "business." I abandoned this hobby after a year. It became a chore for me to make these to sell. It started out as fun, but it lost its lustre.

I spent most of my high school years (and up to present times) drawing these fictional characters using only geometric figures, meaning a circle, two dots, a line, occassional curves, and rectangles. It had become a small "logo," that whenever someone saw that doodle, he/she would immediately refer it to me. In a way, it became my signature. Look at the girl on my banner. You'll see that it's pretty distinctive.

At the beginning of college, I started to take some interest in cosmetics after following Ricebunny on Xanga. Curiousity killed the cat, and in this case, it killed my wallet haha! That was also when I started to experiment with polymer clay, which was introduced to me by my boyfriend. The first thing I made was a Totoro keychain, which I later gave away to a friend. Numerous people have requested that I make something for them, but let me find the willingness and time to do so. Afterall, the results are better when I want to make it, rather than it being a chore.

What are some current projects that I'm doing? Nothing much. I'm interchangably doing clay, photography, and looking forward to learning how to crochet/knit. I also plan to take cake decorating classes. Mmm art AND food!

Speaking of photography, I really want a DSLR camera! After taking photography in high school, I want to take the content I've learned (and despite some remarks made from some students, I in fact did learn) and utilize it. /Sigh one day! For now, I'll stick with my digital camera :P

Here are some photographs of some of my previous projects!


Hodgepodge of different stones and crystals on a silver chain.

Swarovski emerald themed crystals in an original design.

Swarovksi Jet and Crystal AB with heart clasp.

Swarovski chocolate-themed crystals bracelet.

Fish in a strawberry costume!

A brown head, and a white head; inspired from the likeness of real people.

Momo panda! See the peach?

Totoro, my first one! (and a poop on the side)!

Should I open a shop? I want to make sure the bracelets go to a nice owner, where they'll finally glisten and sparkle in the sun on the wrist of its loving owner. And I still have materials that are collecting dust. I can probably even make clay cellphone charms out of commisssion. Even if I do make extra income on the side, I have to deal with shipping and all that jazz... Rawrrr decisions decisions. Is it worth the effort?

Oh before I forget,


CHOMSIRI said...

omg i really like the Swarovski emerald themed crystals in an original design! are you gonna sell them? u should make a jewelry blog! are they hard to make? i really wanna learn! (get back to me on my blog? :D)

LipStick Staiin said...

the last pic is soo cute haha i love chubby stuff! lol


Wasin said...

Vincent and I wanted customized vinyl stickers for our car. We're more than happy to tip you to draw your unique character heads for us, so how about it? :D Come on, you know you want to see those cool heads of yours on the back of our cars! Free advertisement! You know it'll look so cool to be able to know who's car is who's just by looking at the sticker.

Pop Champagne said...

Awwww I love totoro! You make such cute things!

And I know what you mean by something start out as fun but then turns into a chore. Kind of like I used to like cooking but now I moved out and have to cook or else I don't eat I don't enjoy it as much! lol

kylie said...

yesss open a shop! dooo it :) haha.. the chocolate themed bracelet is soooo lux.. love it. i LOVED arts n crafts when i was lil too.. well i still do.. HAHA. but i get like that too.. if i do something for awhile it'll eventually feel like a chore.. ie: youtube vids. LOL

he didnt make it for me in bed.. yet.. haha. but yea i went back to melodys n bought like 4 lippies! oyster girl = NEW fave :)!

Anonymous said...

How the heck do I keep missing your new posts? lol

To answer your questions..

1. It tasted exactly how I imagined! lol. My aunt showed me how to make those patties when i was over there visiting. They tasted SOOOO good with rice, soy sauce & cucumbers. I'm hungry again now.

2.ROFL @ "penchant for bald, masculine men perhaps? ;)" I can't deny it. It's true. LOL!

3.Kim Kardashian- as I have mentioned before somehwere. i would probably go homo for her. lol!!

4.and lol lol lol @ smooth,soft and silky. What did you think? smooth soft silky hair? lol!

you are very talented! I love your littel drawlings & creations! I think I personally lost all of my creativity as I got older. I use to love painting & drawling & making pottery. I even won an art contest in 2nd grade!! lol (woooo,2nd grade!---sarcasm)

Haven't seen you post any new little drawlings lately on twitpic. Get it comin again! Those are so funny,cute AND entertaining!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

Nice swarovski crystal... I like it!

ning * star said...

wohoo. u are so good in customize beads and crystal. wow

lo.christine417 said...

as for your "dear trashy neighbors.." statement, i can only assume you're referring to the trailer outside =)that means you're back!!!