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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snack Attack!

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Who wants to read anything about a person's school life anyway? You, of course (because that's what you're doing right now)! And at every beginning of a new quarter, I like to make little goals and resolutions for myself (in hopes that I'll keep them).

I believe all I want to accomplish this quarter is to establish better habits, and not just for academics. Of course, I have to manage my time better by utilizing my down time more efficiently, which means less time on Facebook, blog browsing (yes, believe it or not, I do it a LOT), and media, respectively. I need to develop healthier eating habits, meaning decreasing my sugar-encrusted/sugar-saturated foods intake, and more fresh/non-processed food whenever possible (or at least til summer begins). I also have to tidy up my room by not tossing clothes (but it's hard when I want to get out of my jeans, and into my jammies) all around the bedroom. So far, I can say that I've been watching my sugar intake, and having healthier breakfasts to start my day off by consuming oatmeal, whole fruits (or fresh fruit juice), and drinking green tea for caffeine intake on those groggy days. What a great start!

Another one is to finally purchase a collegiate sweater. I've got that done on Thursday! Now apparently medium size is too small, and if I washed the sweater, it would shrink (as my self-confidence has). I'm going to exchange it for a large on Monday. Despite the fact that I'm going to be needing a large-sized sweater, the design itself is fitted for a woman's body so I'm not complaining!

I love my schedule for this quarter. On Fridays, I have class with my roommate from 10AM-11AM, and then I'm free for the rest of the day. Unfortunately for her, she had class afterwards, but with 3 hours to spare before the next class started, we walked back to the apartment. We made some breakfast which comprised of an omlette made with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms, and toast. After our meal, she was packing for her trip back home for the weekend, and I sat in front of my laptop, planning on how I was going to spend the weekend. I looked up for some j-dorama to watch, but alas no luck. Then I looked up some new anime that I would be interested in watching, and I had found one! It's called Skip Beat, which was about a girl planning her revenge on a guy who used her for his benefit by being better at what he's achieved, which was to be famous. It's really funny and cute, but it lacks a bit of romance, but we see that romance heightens towards the end of the season. I can't wait for season two! For now, I'll just read ahead in the anime hehe.


I woke up at around 11AM, and laid in bed for another hour while playing Scramble on my iPod (it's an awesome game/application, by the way). I had a craving for some ice cream and snacks, and after realizing that I lacked snacks, I made a run to Stater Bros. I came home with a box of orange creamsicle, strawberry shortcake, ice cream sandwiches, P'Nuttles, Whoppers (Kylie got me craving for some, THANKS.), fruit snacks, Sunny D, brownie mix, and non-dairy creamer. Rawr snack attack! But before I indulged in my new snacks, I made lunch for myself, which was BBQ pork and jasmine rice. Lucky for me, my mom portioned my side dishes for the week conveniently in ziploc bags (one ziploc per meal). Thank you mom!

I also re-watched Zhang Yimou's Hero, just because I was suddenly interested in colorful movie cinematography (and my art history professor was talking about it the other day). Back in 2002 when the movie first came out, I didn't fully understand what the movie's plot/story was about, but after watching it again today, I was enlightened! At the same time, I was in awe from the choices of colors used in each scene. If one were to observe carefully, the king and his subjects are all dressed in shades of black, as well as the structures that the king were in. The couple's costumes change, depending on the storyteller's point of view -- from red (for intensity and evoking emotions that include love, lust, jealousy, anger, etc.), to green (symbolizing the king's realization of Jet Li's assassination attempt, therefore the king's enlightenment), to pale blue/white (Jet Li revealing the truth, as well as the color worn for mourning the deceased). As you may have realized, thought-provoking films really interest me because I enjoy making these types of interpretations from my observations. Anyway, I digress. I really suggest watching Zhang Yimou movies, if you haven't already, such as House of the Flying Daggers. /drool Kaneshiro Takeshi.

So what do I have planned this evening? Nothing much really; chilling at my apartment, relax with music, reading Skip Beat manga , enjoy dinner and then snacktime! Probably squeeze in some assigned reading, but that can probably wait til tomorrow (evening).


Pasta salad Wednesday evening. Made with freshly boiled pasta, tomatoes, julienned basil, salt & pepper to taste, fat free Italian dressing, sprinkled with parmasean cheese.

Saturday BBQ pork and rice. DELICIOUS. I felt carnivorous and didn't feel like eating greens. It's okay, oatmeal makes up for my daily fiber ;)

My sister sent me a photo of Munmun and Oscar sleeping together.

Woven bracelets with Swarovski beads, one of many of my neglected hobbies (I abandoned this hobby in the 10th grade). I found these upon cleaning up my storage bins. I wanna get rid of them. Should I attempt to sell them? LOL.

Happy Saturday! And enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Wasin said...

I think I'm a bad friend... I keep asking you to go on dessert runs with me even though I know you're trying to lower your sugar intake =X Sorry, I can't help it :9

Dude your list of snacks today sounds wonderful! I'm writing them down and am going to go out and get them so my sister and I can enjoy them together during her spring break this week :D Thanks for the suggestions! Have you tried lucas falvored ice cream? David says it's wonderful LOL

Anonymous said...

how cute the dog sleeping picture! my little fellow took over our couch & our bed. lol. pets are such great company!

to answer your Q about sephora: i had a consultation and they supplied me some samples to try out before I buy. I read somewhere that some people make their own samples but I don't know if you could do that without looking suspect. lol. Just go up to a MUA and ask them for help. it was my first time getting offered those samples since I told them I've been breaking out with the past foundations & wanted to test some out b4 committing to buy. I hope that helps! I do think its a GREAT idea how they're doing these samples!

Thank u for your kind comment. -=))

And are you really always hungry? heheheh

kylie said...

hahahaha snack attack! lols :) i get cravings all tha time.. yay for whoppers ! haha .. they make this ice cream at rite aid called choco malt ice cream? or something like that and it reminds me of whoppers because of those lil malt choco balls they put into it.. u should try it! its <3<3<3

i WOULD join twiitter so that i could stalk ur status updates :) but i dont want to get hooked cus im already so distracted as it is ;p maybe one day... haha

lo.christine417 said...

i like your bracelets!

LipStick Staiin said...

mMmmmm yummie!!!!!!!! im alwas hungry tooO hahaha

mayobeam said...

give them to me! :)