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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Must Love Strawberries, Chocolate, and Dogs!

Just in case you guys didn't already know, it's pretty much a known fact (among my friends, anyway) that I am a complete choco-holic and strawberry-phile! Despite the fact that I am a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur, I have drastically decreased my consumption of chocolate due to my fear of developing premature diabetes. It would be the end of the world for me if I could not have anymore sugar, EVER. I do require some chocolate fixes though hehe. For example, I like the holidays where stores like Target sell seasonal chocolate. They usually mark down the chocolate by at least half, so I eagerly await for the day after the holiday! Hehehe. Today is Easter, and I was planning on running down to KMart and buy the chocolate, but luckily my uncle bombarded me with hella chocolate from Germany (and a knock-off Swifter Duster for my apartment). /Drool.

Uncle also brought us some typical souvenir keychains. A funny conversation between my brother, uncle, and me while taking our pick. I got adorable miniature Dutch clogs. My brother had a choice between a tacky-colored "HOLLAND" one, and a beautiful antique-bronze finished Eifel Tower. My brother chose "HOLLAND," and this was why (it was also the more expensive one LOL).

Uncle: "Yay! You chose the more expensive one! Why did you decide to choose the HOLLAND one?"

Brother: "Because I didn't want to choose some country who hasn't won any wars yet." (My brother and I high-fives)

Don't tell me you don't get that. Shame on you, if you're not familiar with your 20th century history!


My sister surprised me with a cute strawberry solar-powered uhh... thing with flapping leaves. Forgetful me, I was supposed to bring it with me to my apartment, but I forgot to pack it.


I am officially sick of sushi for a while, since I went out to an all-you-can-eat place. It is pretty bomb, as yelp.com reviewers gave it 5 stars. The employees had amazing customer service: a baby was crying at another table, and the customer mother was too busy attending the baby instead of eating. One of the female employees was able to put the baby to sleep, as his parents were finally able to focus on their food. After sushi, we headed to Wal-Mart. I bought a 5-layered Sterlite organizer for my makeup hahaha. It was $6!

Because I have a lot more free time this quarter, I took out my clay and made original keychain charms. I made these both for my boyfriend, and he better like them! It's actually a surprise, but it's not like he regularly reads my blog! The red one is a goldfish in a strawberry suit, and the other one is of him and me (in my typical geometrical drawings LOL).

Thursday evenings are usually spaghetti nights for my roommate and me; if we're not making some kind of pasta, we're making some meal together. We also clean up the whole apartment that night. As I was reaching for the Lysol spray, I found a piece of Super Shammy, or commonly known as the SHAMWOW! I was not a believer of it, just because I didn't find it to work. However, I followed the instructions that came with it that tells you to "activate" it, and then voila! It absorbed water like nothing! That is the only thing "towel paper-like" about the product: that it absorbs and holds water efficiently. I wouldn't recommending it for scrubbing things. That night, my roommate and I purposely "spilled" water onto the kitchen counter and watched the artificial "chamois" soak up all the water. That night, we became believers. Here's a video made by yours truly!


This weekend was pretty productive. I went out for Korean BBQ on Friday night (HI STEVE AND ELAINE!), and I'll let the pictures describe what the rest of the night was about... No incriminating evidence though ;)

On Saturday morning I ran errands with my mother. Luckily I didn't wake up with a hangover or anything! I was craving for some Costco cream puffs, so we got some of that. We also made a stop at the mall to help my sister pick out a prom dress. It took forever; not to mention the pains of finding the right style and color that will complement her body (she is almost a plus-size). She wanted a bright purple dress that had a slit where you can see some leg, but her other option was an elegant-looking black dress. We convinced her to get the black one, of course. A few moments after getting home, some friends gave me a call and we were originally going to Yogurtland for green apple flavored yogurt, but they didn't have it on that day. Instead, we hung out at Bin Bin Konjac for some Taiwanese shaved ice. It's much more preferable to me than Guppy House. That evening, another group of friends and I took one of my girlfriends out on a snack shopping spree as an early birthday activity! It was supposed to be a candy run (she has a sweet tooth that rivals mine LOL), but who knew she was going to buy healthier stuff as well! We then finalized the run by watching Marley and Me at my home. I didn't like the movie, by the way. Even though I love dogs, I didn't like his on-screen owners.


I am not a religious person, but Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I woke up and went out to the backyard where I found Munmun frolicking in the sun. I had my phone with me and took a snapshot while he was standing still. I spent my afternoon having Vietnamese food with my parents at Tay Ho. Mmm... fried yam and Bánh cuốn! We have been going there since I was born or so, and it felt really nostalgic. At the table, my parents and I were discussing about my future career and suggested about getting a license for a side job. My mom suggested cosmetology/beautician, so that I'd have some extra income on the side (plus the free haircuts my family would be getting LOL). Just a plan, but nothing permanent, although it'd be an awesome side job hehe. Spent the rest of the afternoon getting last minute groceries.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!
That was an entertaining sham wow video u made! lol! We were lured in at this mall kiosk selling those. It was quite entertaining because instead of buyin them, my friend ended up flirting with the guy instead!!

Are you Vietnamese?

That sounds like a fun idea to get a beauty license to work on the side.

Wasin said...

Hey your friends didn't just go get dessert at Bin Bin Konjac... mmm strawberry ice cream :9 Did you guys want some? :P I didn't know since it was just sitting there :D

But you forgot to mention how you were craving popcorn chicken so we went to "Simba's" place to have some popcorn chicken and garlic sausages ;) Anyways, we'll find Dots next time! I'll bring my GPS! And I'll pay you back :)

s.tat said...

ahha. sham wow...i could tell it was you because of your nails. haha

ohh..prom dress shopping. how tedious and fun. and good eating.

thank you for the food. =)

FuN and MakeUp said...

cool pic u captured of ur dog! haha yUmm sushi.. i like fried sushi!

Lillian said...

LOL. MAN! Your blog made me lol.
I told mom that Imma get her a fish solar power one. Kekekeke :)


Jaimie said...

mmmm a blog about food. yum!