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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sweet Tooth Needed Attention So...

I dream of the remnants of last week as its lasting effects still linger. It was truly one of the best spring breaks I've had, mainly because I wasn't at home being idle, and it also allowed me to form some revelations. Last year, I was stuck with jury duty for six days during my spring break. I got to see most of my friends, unfortunately not all of my friends. For that, I am sorry. Because there was never an idle moment, I didn't have period of a couple of hours to blog, however I wanted to because it would be one huge post if I were to post about my week all in one post. And that's what I'm gonna do.

I call this spring break my Delicious Journey, a name that was inspired from a JustKiddingFilms video. I had the need to satisfy my sweet tooth, just because I didn't have my sugar fix for weeks (I've had natural sources of sugar from fruit and juice, not that I'm complaining). I was surprised that I didn't end up with diabetes by the end of the week. Just kidding, I hope that will never happen /knock on wood. I also got to catch up with my J-doramas "Love Shuffle" and "Mei-chan no Shitsuji," both of which I highly recommend to watch. I even got to peek at some manga, alas they weren't finished with scanlating the manga.

Weekends are negligent because they are my usual dessert days.

Monday: Guppy House with the "Guppy Special" with two friends. Before dessert, they had 50 Din Tai Fung dumplings. Can you say piggies?

We ended up finishing everything, except the bottle of condensed milk. :)

An actual guppy! :O

Tuesday: A small sleepover at my house; we went to Ralph's to get some ice cream to go with our brownies and movie. We ended up watching "The House Bunny." Went to bed by 4AM. Regretably, no photos

Wednesday: Lunch with a friend
in Pasadena at Sushiya. We obviously had some sushi and went for the all-you-can-eat deal. We arrived too late, so we ordered from the menu. Luckily we did because the bill ended up being cheaper than one person's price for the all-you-can-eat deal. We had Taiwanese shaved ice for dessert at Bin Bin Konjac.

I probably watched dorama that night.

Thursday: The official "Dessert Run" day with my two buddies. We drove to Santa Monica for Sprinkles Cupcakes, but before dessert we had lunch at Panini Cafe. They made delicious non-greasy looking paninis that tasted really fresh. Afterwards, we went next door to Sprinkles and purchased a dozen cupcakes (split, of course). Let me describe the cupcake, it is absolutely phenomenal! The cake itself isn't very sweet, but rich in flavor. That means you have to eat the cake with its icing in order to balance out the sweetness. Being so moist and rich-tasting, it is definitely filling. You might find yourself eating four of these a day if you're not careful!

We drove up to Topanga Canyon for scenic stops. For being a resident of LA my whole life, I had no idea such scenery existed. The most foliage I've ever seen in one area in LA is either in a large recreational park, or a nursery. Until that day, the only scenic routes that I've seen were the ones in northern California's I-5, Oregon, Washington, so forth. I had a brief high when we were going up the mountain (large hill?). After we left the hill, we stopped by the beach for 10 minutes for pictures. I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was too cold for the beach.

After we got back home, a friend was dropped off, and my remaining friend accompanied me to go return something I ordered from the Body Shop online. After I returned the items, I realized that they overlooked the fact that I used a 10% off from my membership card, so I earned about $5. With that, I treated my friend to some yogurt from Yogurtland.

I probably spent the night watching dorama. Ahh bliss.

He had Hello Kitty Band-Aids in his glove compartment!

Mmm, red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Topanga Canyon

My first bite!

Friday: I had a hot date with Miss Kylie (visit her at kiitzyy.blogspot.com!), who is a real friend of mine. We had lunch at Bamboodles, caught up, and of course chatted about makeup! She surprised me with a gift bag full of goodies. (RAWR! I'll getchu back just you wait!) I showed her a little place in my city where the local makeup junkies purchase discount MAC items. She totally fell head over heels for the little shop. Teehee I'm glad she enjoyed it! Too bad our date was short; she had to go to work. I can't wait for our next outing!

Later that evening, I had to go to Irvine for a potluck-ish kind of hang out at a friend's apartment. I brought my mom's southeast Asian chicken curry. Mmm.. that night we had really yummy food. I wish I took pictures, but I was too lazy to. Dorothy was taking photos all night so I'll mooch off of that. Got home at 2AM, and I just knocked out.

Isn't she lovely?! :) She looks so tiny compared to the bowl!! <33 href="http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/SU5dw5gfpNYJ1BsBEka7LA?authkey=Gv1sRgCPTpy8y245zkggE&feat=embedwebsite">
Spicy Beef Stew with Spinach noodles.

Spicy Wontons

Me and the noodle maker LOL. He was bouncing on the noodle dough on that bamboo stick. It was a sight to see!

Saturday: I woke up early
in the morning and ran errands with my mother. Saturday morning/early afternoons are usually my busy hours because I have to buy groceries for my apartment (Asian supermarkets, for the win!), go to the bank, hang out with my mom, etc. I rolled about 100 eggrolls in a period of 2 hours /bow. Of course, I brought some with me to my apartment.

Later that evening, I met up with my friend for a long overdue play date. We ate at Sin Bala for Taiwanese food because I didn't want to eat something that was heavy in oil and grease. After that, we went to his friend's house to play Apples to Apples. He hangs out with the dorkiest people, but they were really cool. What's also funny, is that the friend happens to live about 3 blocks away from my home, and I've never seen him in my life.

Sunday: Finally, the day I've dreaded the whole week. The end of my "journey."

While packing, I looked through my dusty old Sterlite storage boxes and came across a residue of my tendency for leaving short-term projects: making jewelery out of Swarovski crystals. I have so many bracelets, earrings, findings, and the crystal beads themselves left over that I don't know what to do with them.

My dad dropped me off at 3PM.


Honestly, I've never missed home like this before. Until recently, I thought about how nice it was to live away from home, to be away from everything. With this mentality, I thought I could be independent. I can read this blog's first post and see how my perspective has transitioned to the way I am now. In ways, I can be that independent girl I aim to be; however there are times when I feel so vulnerable, that I get a tendency to attach myself to something that is strongly reinforced and permanent, for example, my parents' unconditional love and support. In times when I feel like a lost child, my parents, no matter how much they nag you, no matter how much they scold you, no matter how much they call you just to check up on you; in the end, their love for their children is the only thing in this world that is solid and certain.

Although last quarter was not an enjoyable one, I'm glad that experience did not ruin my spring break. I can sort of transcend from that. I'm glad I have somewhat recuperated from a period of despair and overwhelming stress. I'm glad that I have such colorful, wonderful things in my life that (will) keep me from falling hard into the dirt, such as my family, friends, and two cute little dogs. For that reason, I feel guilty for occassionally uttering (it's a daily phrase nowadays) "fuck my life," generally because I don't really mean it. I love my life, but I really hate the situation that's going on in my life. (FYI, I started to say FML after I watched Superbad last year before it got viral). One should say, "fuck my situation" instead.

What I'm trying to get across to you, my reader, is please consider what you're saying when you say "fuck my life," especially if you really don't mean it. Nowadays, it's being used in vain (thanks to a certain viral site). Think about it this way: I said "fuck my life" in front of my cousin one day, and he snapped at me and said "Hey! Don't say that, I'm in your life!" Oh I love my cousins.

Maybe after being deep in this comprehensive thought, I've come to a conclusion that I've developed a slight separation anxiety from home, or to blatantly state it, homesickness. I figured it's a normal occurence, but normal to me? Heck, I'm the type of person who won't call home after being a month away from home! What's happening to me?

To finally conclude this long post, I shall post pictures of my cute little dogs as a relief from my emo-ness.

I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break, or maybe you haven't started yours yet. Look forward to doing productive things!


Bunnie said...

mmm yummy!! All of the food you had looks delicious hehe. I am always up to trying new foods, we'd get along great haha. :D

Wasin said...

Fine, I'll end my boycott on commenting since this cold war is only ruining on your wonderful comments for my blog. I bet this one gets censored as well. :P

I'm glad we were finally able to have our dessert run :) But hey, am I so ugly I get blurred out in the pictures!

Btw, your latest blog entry looks a lot like my latest one as well! Excepts yours has more variety of pictures :P

Wow, you homesick? That's so not you. That's more of a me type of thing. Remember how I thought you were crazy wanting to stay over at school all the time back then? Now you understand how I felt =X

Hopefully it gets better :) Only 11 more weeks til summer break and we can go for more dessert runs! We didn't do cheesecake and cream puffs this time around! But of course we can go try to be diabetic anytime your back on the weekend :) Just kidding about the diabetic part but the offer to go on a sweet run again will always be there :)

Kylie said...

omg "fml" is so overrated! anyway, it was soooooo nice seeing you :) we def have to do it again soon.. i just wished we had more time! and we need to take more pics next time :) im glad you liked the goodies! you dont have to get me back for it though, SERIOUSLY! please dont! haha..

lo.christine417 said...

sorry dearie i dont think ill be able to tweet for two months straight if i plan on winning my bet with francis over whether or not i can resist social networking on another social networking site.