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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tagged, and ONLINE STORE?!

I was tagged by the loverly Miss Kalila! A more of a mid-week post hehe.

Okay, here's the rules:

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag eight other people.

What is your current obsession?
My current obsession is Restaurant City game on Facebook hehehe!

What are you wearing today?
Navy blue tank top with heather grey cardigan and charcoal-colored shorts

What’s for dinner today?
Hmm.. Mama Stephanie's dumplings perhaps?

What would make today special?
I would think that anything out of the ordinary would make the day special.

What would you like to learn to do?

I would like to learn how to manage my time better haha!

What’s the last thing you bought?

Strawberry charms... you'll see why later on hehe

What are you listening to right now?
I'm listening to my professor speak about Chinese handscrolls.

What is your favorite weather?
Autumn weather has the best breeze. It is also more chilly than hot. Nice cuddling weather /wink

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Acheiving A's in all of my classes... I am a full time student after all!

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
She is a terrific person! She's one of my favorite bloggers hehe.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
There really is no place in the universe I'd rather be than to be at home.

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
Orange Dream Machine smoothie from Jamba Juice!

What would you like to get rid of?
Everything that is troublesome.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
I would go home to my family...

Which language(s) do you want to learn?
German, French, Korean, and touch up on Cantonese and Japanese.

What do you look for in a friend?
A friend can be a total dick, but as long as she/he has a sense of loyalty and trust, then it's all I ask for.

Who do you want to meet in person?
I would love to meet Martha Stewart and have lunch with her! No, make lunch, and then eat it!

What’s your favorite type of music?
I listen to more Asian music than American mainstream stuff. However, it really depends on my mood because I listen to a variety of music. As long as the music have a combination of feel-good vibes, and sometimes meaningful lyrics.

What is your dream job?
Honestly, my dream job is to be a
pâtissier... but I'm not that good to immediately start my own bakery.

Any favorite models?
Like fashion models? I like Alessandra Ambrosio. I also like Koyuki (the girl from Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai") for her height and traditional beauty.

If you had £100 now what would you spend it on?
£100 equalts to about $200. I would probably use it to pay off my credit card bill!

Favorite makeup item(s)?
My favorite makeup item would be my TSFI primer! Without it, the stuff on my eyes would simply slide right off

Fashion pet peeve?
When I see those shirts that say "DADDY'S GIRL" or "PRINCESS"... untastefully.

Do you admire anyone’s style?
Not a particular person, but I do admire the style that the models in Japanese/Taiwanese fashion magazines sport.

Describe your personal style:
Personal style... mostly in dark and bold solid colored tops, with dark blue jeans, and flip flops. I usually tie my hair up in a ponytail, despite the fact that my hair length is almost at my waist.

What's your favorite television show?
Recently, my favorite television show is America's Top Model. LOL.
What's your favorite magazine(s)?
Hmm I can't decide between Cosmopolitan and National Geographic!

-My own question- What are you doing right now?
Finishing up this survey! Yup.

I shall tag (the usual people I tag)
Kylie - Updateeeee!
Wasin- Too bad you're on private. I love your insightful posts! Make a new post!
Annie - Love how you update so often!

And anyone who wants to do this!


I will be opening an online store to sell a hodgepodge of mostly handmade (by yours truly) stuff. For the first few weeks upon opening my online store, I will list the bracelets (previously displayed in the last post), along with some more one-of-a-kind handmade (with love!) crafts. I guarantee that all crystals used for these crafts are Swarovski crystals.

I have these lying around, some of which are results of trial-and-error. Despite the fact that I considered them "errors," some people may find them "successes!"


The following are just a sample of what I have in my humble inventory for now...

Glass pearl pendants in white and black with choice of crystal color.

Pink freshwater pearl earrings with dangling crystals.

Dangling purple crystal earrings.

Cheers, everyone!


Wasin said...

Now this is what I call an entry! Where was this tag idea when I was on writer's block for the past few weeks? :P

Ewwie, your favorite show is America's Next Top Model? How can people stand Tyra Banks. Dining with Martha Stewart?! How about settling for all you can eat seafood with Tina, Vincent, and me this weekend instead? :)

The logo for your store is so cute! If you made stickers, I'd buy wholesale! I'm being serious too :P Anyways, I hope your store goes well! I'll be sure to spam random sites and people so be sure to put adsense on!

Lastly, aww thanks for the tag? Are there tagbacks because loners like me don't have eight people to tag :P

CHOMSIRI said...

thanks for the tag steph! ill do it soon :)

cant wait for your store!

Anonymous said...

yay! Thank you for taking the time to do the tag! btw, I am not a Miss! I am a MRS! LOL

And indeed, you too are also 1 of my favorite bloggettes on here too my dear!

Hoorrrayy for an online boutique! I'm excited to see the rest of your future inventory!

Did you blog this while in class?

Martha Stewart is a very original & unique choice you have chosen! lol We could learn so many wonderful things from her!

-Thank you for always being so loyal to my blog. I love you for that!

kylie said...

I did tha tag yday before I went to bed :) I like cosmo too! So what's ur menu plan for rc? Lols. And ur store looks so promising alreadyy! love ur cuteass drawings :) hehe
I'm so excitedd for ur store! Everything looks so good already!

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

Those pendants were quite nice!

Chomsiri said...

Idk if its a good thing that she looks younger than me or not, lol! But I want her ID since shes 21! She wont let me borrow it! :(

My mom likes Japanese food but she's turning into a vegetarian!

You should get a cbox so I can leave you a message there :D it's easier! Idk if you check your comments ><"

mszcheysser said...

Ooh! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us :)

ning * star said...

wow, they are so lovely and cute <3