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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Want This Week to be OVER Already!!

Like my new banner? I drew it myself on MS Paint. I want a tablet so I can draw perfect circles! /hinthint/winkwink.

Before the fun begins, allow me to mope a little by silently basking in this aura of uncertainty.


I just have a huge feeling that I bombed the final I took today. I hope everyone else bombed it so the class curve would be towards my favor. If my guesses are correct, then I'm probably going to end up punish myself during spring break. Just a precaution to those who are going to see me during spring break.

Oh, and if you've been living in a box and have not heard of BoA, look out for her because she is a rising Asian Invasion hahaha. She is going to be at the Forever 21 in Old Town Pasadena this Sunday. Google her up for more details because I might or might not go, so I don't really care. All the Asian guys go nuts over her, so I bet there are going to be lots of fanboys /rolls eyes.

Anywho, a fellow blogger Mrs. Kalila tagged me to list ten things about me. Aww you really want to know more about me? ;) Okay, just for you hehe!

Mmm, chicken flatbread dinner I prepared for my family.

1. I love food, but what is it about food that I like? Aside from tasting and eating food, I like to cook food! Trying out recipes, and even coming up with recipes, is really fun to me. After completing a dish, it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and completion of a goal (doesn't that always feel good?). It's a huge bonus when people try my food, and like it as well! I love baking sweets (due to my abnormally large sweet tooth) and pastries; with that being said, I want to open a patisserie (infused with other inspired sweets) after I retire just because it'd be an awesome goal. So if I still blog when I'm 50-60, you guys should come visit my bakery, which will be world-famous one day! Look out world, here comes patisserie master Stephanie!

2. I play with makeup and experiment with different colors because I am not color confident enough to go out with ROYGBIV. That's why I watch Youtube tutorials and browse through beauty blogs hehe.

3. I think I have ADD because I absolutely cannot concentrate on one thing for a long period of time, unless I'm really into it. Even if I get really focused on something (i.e. playing video games), I tend to stray away and do something else. >_> As I'm getting older, I am seriously thinking that I might have it... then I'd have a supply of Adderall (and I'll become a "street pharmacist" haha ).

4. I have a huge passion for art, mainly because it is aesthetic. In my eyes, ordinary things can easily transform into something beautiful, if I look beyond its exterior and contemplate on the story behind it (I'm just speaking vaguely again...). I can literally stay in an art museum (my favorite is the Metropolitan Art Museum in Washington DC) and just stare at art pieces all day. Of course, I'd probably wouldn't speak much, but silence is golden isn't it? I wish I had the time to fully embrace my artistic abilities and develop it, but for now it is merely a hobby.

5. Traveling is definitely something I look forward to when I graduate from college and get into my career as some kind of environmental consultant position. I want to explore the rainforests and jungles all around the world! From the highest snowcapped peaks of the Himilayas to the driest deserts of the Andes (the Sahara would be nice too). I was born to venture out into the world! Now, if only I was fit enough to do so... /wheezecough.

However, I have not been living in a box. I have been outside of the state /gasp! but not outside of North America. I've road tripped around the mid-western United States, New England states (our country's initial 13 states), and Canada (BC, AB, ON). Not to mention that I go to Las Vegas way too much!

6. I love animals, but not enough to become a devout vegetarian. Sorry Kalila! LOL Don't get me wrong, but I can stand eating good vegetarian food. I remember one year when I was an adolescent, I was at Toys R Us during Christmas time. My mom asked me what I wanted, and I held up a huge book that was at least half my size to her. It was a 300+ page book full of photographs of animals from all around the world. I was especially fond of reptiles and dinosaurs ( I don't know why), but you guys remember those book club order forms that your elementary school teachers gave you to order cheap books? I always whined to my parents to order me some dinosaur books. Dude, I was/am a dork, in case you haven't noticed.

7. I am very fond of Japanese stuff, including music, pop culture/media, products, art, and the language itself! In fact, I took Japanese as a foreign language in high school for three years, and I can honestly say that I did not learn much. I learned more Japanese with spending massive amounts of time watching dorama and anime. /sigh I am such a time waster. As a result, I can only read katakana, hiragana, and minimal kanji. I do want to go to Japan one day, as it is one of my main goals in life.

8. I am a huge romantic
. I am a hugeass sucker for sweet talkers, and sweet talkers do not equal to cheesey lines. I love a man who uses smooth language and wit to get a girl to become jelly in his arms hehehe. A girl can only dream... LOL I can imagine my boyfriend saying "pssh! What about me??" if he reads this haha!

9. I think I am quite an introverted girl
, but I rant a lot in my blogs. That makes me passive agressive? But I do silly things when I'm bored... for example, I was bored while living in the dorms, and so I inadvertantly started some drama in my hall LOL. Oh my what a deviant child. It is a long story... but allow me to share it with you! I blogged about this in my Xanga, but I foolishly deleted it. Rawr!

I lived in a suite-type of dorm with a hall that has four rooms, two showers, and two toiletrooms. Each room is shared between two girls, thus there are 8 girls staying in each hall. I stayed at room that was at the end of the hall; the girls I started shit with stayed near the entrance of the hall. There was a shower, which is smaller, located in front of their door; the larger shower (made for at least two people) was located in front of my door.

They would always have their boyfriends staying over. I had no problem with that because I had my boyfriend over sometimes too. However, a couple would shower together at midnight every night. My roommate would already be sleeping, but I would be still awake (for whatever reason), and my desk was near the door. I would hear giggles, laughter, even slapping noises (ew). It really, really, really bugged me. They were totally inconsiderate about being loud and disruptive.

The next morning after they showered, there would be a huge puddle of water, so the custodian lady thought the shower was leaking. She called the maintenance up several times, but she didn't know the cause of the puddle. She left a sign, saying "Ladies-- Please close the shower door after you're done. Thanks!" I was being a troublemaker and stuck a post-it next to the sign saying "and two guys" next to where "Ladies--" was written. The post-it disappeared after the couple went in, so I snuck in the restroom to post another one on. After two trials, they stuck a wad of hair (probably from the drain) next to the sign. That was so disgusting! Little do they know, that I pee in the shower LOL. Also, they left me a post-it, which I have a photo of. You can read it at your own time.

Finally, one night they went to every room in the hall to ask about the post-its; I was sitting in the lounge area, my roommate was sleeping. They asked me of course, and I didn't admit it. They came to a conclusion that it was my roommate LOL. So much for escapades huh.

10. If you haven't noticed already
, I play video games (but I am terrible at them). Video games are my healthier alternative to cigarettes/pot/pills, not that I've tried any hehe. It's a mean of escape from reality, so let me be! Reality is stressful and depressing. Really.

Despite the numerous negative connotations that go along with being a gamer, allow me to introduce this link here. Gamers fuel the economy, and get more dates than normal people ;)

Now, I will tag ...

1. Kylie -- If you even blog anymore!
2. Annie "Katelyn" @ Chomfifi -- Teehee, I didn't know you were gonna do all this sort of blogging!
3. Joaniers doesn't blog really blog regularly. Then again, I (believe I) probably know lots about you hehe.

Don't really have anyone else to tag. Some blogs I read are private so meh.

Let's see... I wasted two more hours for this post! Yay. -_-


CHOMSIRI said...

i like your banner! :)

tagged? ><" gahh! i shall do it soon!

Vanessa said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks! Sweet Germain is gorgeous, you'll love it! :)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!
Thanks for taking the time to do this! Its def fun to get to know more about each other!

I love reading passive aggressive notes..LOL @ your bathroom ones.

Did I tell u I was a vegetarian? Because I'm only a flexi vegetarian! LOL. I was a vegetarian for more than 6 months but couldnt take it anymore!!!

I still do mix up my foods and try to eat more organic stuff and etc.

LOL @ the "SLAPPING" noises. >_<

I wish I was patient enough to play video games. My husband is a big kid and tries to persuade me to play with him but I just can't deal with losing. I get upset and quit. lol. The only game I can play is games similar to BUST A MOVE.

keep in touch. let me know when you finally open up that bakery cuz i want some free sh*t. LOL JK!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! & in response to your last comment on my blog entry...

-No, I do not do any side work or have any clients on the side. I stopped it all a lil while ago.

You made me giggle when you said :I wish I could tolerate heels for long periods of time, but my feet are abnormally large (size 9.5 womens) and my toes are really long haha.

I thought I had big feet for an Asian girl! I wear a 8.5-9. LMAO!

It's all good though. At least we have feet right? lol

Kylie said...

haha YES i do blog :) thanks for tagging me <3 i love your banner.. its uber cute! i think i know you t0o well cus i know most of the facts you listed :) tehee <3