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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother Dearest; You are the best.

Not a normal week goes by without having unwashed dishes stacking up a mile high (okay, not literally) from the bottom of the sink (one of my hugest pet peeves). Especially when her boyfriend comes over to stay for the night. It's true that he is not a stranger to our little abode, but he is definitely far from being considered a "third roommate/apartment mate."

Good "roommates" clean up after themselves. Let me explain my procedure when he's over. When this guy comes over, and I'm sympathizing her, I see her cooking dinner for him right before he arrives. That's nice and sweet. When he does come over, he would ignore my existence until I greet him first. I walk into my room and close the door, occasionally coming out to grab something that I needed, but hey I'm respecting their alone time. Who enjoys being the third wheel anyway? However, sometimes he doesn't finish her food. That really ticks me off because she made it for him. Especially this time, I helped make her food (which I thought it was for her and I wasn't aware of his arrival). And what's more? He doesn't help her with the dishes, thus the sink full of dirty dishes. I really, really don't want to clean up the mess, especially since I've never witnessed him helping with just anything!

This is what irks me the most.
The next morning, I wake up and go straight to school. When I come home in the afternoon, I am usually famished. I wanted rice, and so I was going to go home to make rice for lunch. She doesn't have class until an hour after I come home. When I come to the rice bowl, it's unwashed, with dried rice sticking on the sides. I mean, at least submerge the thing in water so that it's easily washed off. But no. No rice for me until after I come home from my next class because that is when the bowl is washable.

But I digress. She tries to be considerate. She's not that horrible.
And since I have no rice, I decided to pop some of my mom's homemade popcorn chicken that was frozen in the oven. Anyone, who's anybody has tried my mom's chicken. It is so delicious, that my family members always want her to bring some to parties, and when she doesn't bring some, it'd be a long night of heavy sighs.

It's actually baking in the oven as I'm typing this blog, so I'll post some pictures up later.

EDIT: Here are some pictures :)

Mmm cheekan.

My school mascot was on the trolley to advertise homecoming! N.E.R.D. is gonna be there! /drool Pharrell.

My dorky brother on a kiddy ride thing.

Mother, thank you for bringing me poppable to me this week! (Although you'll never read this blog.)


Anonymous said...

hello! your comment cracked me up. hehe =))) thank u for swinging by! =)

have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

heheh I wish I could get more from her but she only had 1! lol.

& Thanks for the bangs compliment. Those are actually my long bangs rolled inward! =)

Nana said...

haha how cute! mama always knows best =) and those chicken looks delicious