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Monday, February 9, 2009


Today, the same incident happened again as described from my previous post. /sigh. I'm gonna have to talk to her soon.

There is a (possible) bug bite above my lip that just formed. The skin on that area is now raised and looks really ugly. Unfortunately, I left my vitamin E cream at home. It's my usual remedy for stuff like this. I applied some eye cream containing lots of vitamin E; we'll see how well that works.

When I told him there was a small bump near my lip, my boyfriend told me that when I was sleeping one day, he found a daddy-long-leg crawling on me. Luckily, he waved it away before killing it so he didn't kill it while it was on me. He knew that I was going to have a BF (bitch fit) if I ever found out he killed an insect on me. :)

Anyway, my Valentines' Day special post is still in the works, so stay tuned! I just couldn't really resist not blogging today.


Wasin said...

Aww what a cute story! :D

Nana said...

LOL bitch fit! anyways, enkore from youtube totally does a good review on it, better then me. im sure! haha u can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbqQ5NfeT6Y

but ill tell you what i think about when i get it also! its good to have more than 1 person review it.

=( i killed a daddy long leg one time, while i was sleeping..it was crawling across my face!!! lol gross right? if i wasnt dead sleepy and annoyed i woulda been kinda grossed out!

ninicupcake said...

Luckely you didn't woke up while your boyfriend was killing the daddy long leg haha