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Friday, February 20, 2009

Another reason why guys make female toons:

Kyu (12:54:46 PM): i sexchanged my male lock into a female because i dont like looking a guys in dresses :/
Kyu (12:55:46 PM): cuz like i felt weird having to look up his dress everytime he swam

Reading this quote really made me laugh. For those who play World of Warcraft, or just any MMORPG, you'll realize that it is a fact that many males out there create female characters. This conversation totally explains one of the reasons why they do. Kudos to you Kyu! I'm glad that you didn't give him a sex change to whore gold!

Anyway, whack ass week. I'm sure glad it's finally over, but I dread what's coming up for the coming week. More midterms, hooray.

It was urgent for me to get home this weekend, but I had no way of getting home with all the stuff I needed to bring back. Out of desperation, I called a friend of mine and explained my situation. He was kind enough to pick me up from my apartment. As a token of my appreciation, I treated him to King Taco's All Meat Burrito. Mmmm.. carne asada! It was fun hanging out with him, since I haven't seen him in months. It was like old times! :)

BBQ Pork (cha siu) and rice and brocoli! :)

I was craving for porridge the other day, so I made some and sprinkled pork sung on top.

All-Meat Burrito. Carne Asada yumminess!

And finally, just because it was raining at the beginning of the week, I got a beautiful view from school of the fresh white-capped mountains.

Enjoy your weekend!


Wasin said...

Mmm, All-Meat Carne Asada Burrito :9

Nana said...

mmm ilike the pork sung, i forgot whats its called in vietnamese...i love that over rice..mmm i want some now!!! hehe i just had cha siu last night