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Friday, February 27, 2009

This past week.

Happy birthday, Kylie!!

Here is a series of media-related content that'll basically summarize my whole week.
I wanted to try something new, so here you go. I realized towards the end of the video, the background music got pretty loud.

Special love to my Twitter buddies. You guys know who you are.


Anonymous said...

OMG I dont like slugs! Seriously good thing u looked or else u would of made a slimey gooey mess on your ass! LOL.

Thank you for swinging by =)))

Anonymous said...

oh shoot, your page really is all about food. i feel fat just browsing this page! lol

cassngo said...

HAHAHA! Good tip! :) Tangible memory. AND!!!! SPINACH AND MUSHROOM GOES EXTREMELY WELL WITH EACH OTHER!! :) yummmmmy! You're looking mighty FIONE :)

Nana said...

haha i've gone on a no buy thing too. their are hella sales on people's blog. recession!

lo.christine417 said...

o m g....stephy you gotta make me some of that pasta with alfredo sauce. im drooling (in the mind) thinking about how good itll taste. good idea, i should consider using connections. usually i just use keywords.

Bob- said...

I have no idea what you said about the book and how it helps you remember words xD but I know a couple of people who could probably use that book.

I think it's about time I go over to Riverside and try this "SO GOOOOOD" food that you make. Said I'd go to Riverside at the beginning of this year but have yet to go. My spring break? :D

Kimberly Tia said...

of course your comment coming from the queen of foodies.. puwahhah

i had to post up my asian stash, and sadly that was the "lightest" shopping trip I've ever done at the Korean mart, usually im at the $100+ mark in just FOOD ... doh.

Kylie said...

ahh thanks stephy! i cant believe im seeing this just now :/ hehe

Anonymous said...

HI! Omg, that volcanic ash acne thing sounds great! I am so happy to hear someone else had tried ci Labo stuff! I havent seen any1 on blogger review anything yet from their line. =D

btw, since u like to eat..are u a member on Yelp.com?

Thank u for your comment!!!! =D