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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zomg two blogs in a week?!

It's 2AM, and I am not sleeping, nor I am sleepy. I just felt like blogging. I should probably change the title of this blog, since I do blog about things other than food. There's just so many things going on this week, and I just have to blog it out.

In Facebook (and I suppose in blog rings), people "tag" each other because they want to know random facts about each person they tag. No one tagged me on my blog, so I'll just make up a list of random facts that's different from the list in my Facebook. I'm not going to tag anyone, and I hope you find this interesting. I want to get off my chest and let my readers (most of them are people I know) get to know me a bit better.

1. I am super passive-aggressive. Let me give you an example: I leave angry Post-It notes on your door if there is something I want to say to you. This blog entry is actually for me to direct some of these facts towards people. Keep this fact in mind as you're reading on this post.

2. I respect and acknowledge people who are well-mannered. There are some things that one should know how to behave/act in a certain environment. For example, it really bugs me when a guest (not mine, but a resident's) is at my house/apartment/dorm doesn't greet me or acknowledge my presence, especially frequent guests. Perhaps it's how I was raised and what I believe is common courtesy; when I was younger, my parents always made me greet everyone whenever we were at a relative's/friend's house. Am I just nitpicky?

3. I get OCD when it comes to messy rooms and things, especially a common area (such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). I don't really mind if my own bedroom is messy, but if the common areas are, I get so angry, mostly because the mess isn't mine. The counters need to be wiped, and the dishes need to be washed.

4. I love to blog! I've been using blogs since the sixth grade. Remember Xanga?

5. I love watching J-Dorama, anime, and reading manga. It's a guilty pleasure, especially in the shoujo genre (with a little smut ;)). I haven't found the time to read/watch any of it lately. My favorite manga of all time is NANA, and I suggest all of you should read it.

6. Cantonese was my first language, although I was born here. I can still speak and understand a good amount of it. I find it funny when native speakers get so amazed that I can understand it so well.

7. Continuing on from number 6, I absolutely hate it when FOBs (especially in high school) think just because I'm an ABC, that I don't know the language/culture, so they ignore me and pretend that they don't know English. I remember back in high school, there was this group who wasn't supposed to sit in a certain area of the auditorium, and I asked them to sit somewhere else. What did they do? They blew me off like, "what? I don't speak English! I don't understand you!" What was I supposed to tell them?

There was also this one time when I was standing in front of a locker whilst waiting for a friend, this FOB girl yelled at me, and I was like "um, okay," so I moved out of her way so that she could access her locker. This conversation she was having with her friend was in Cantonese, so I just stood there eavesdropping.

Rude FOB's Friend: "You didn't have to yell at her like that!"
Rude FOB: (while getting her stuff)"Whatever, bitch (imagine her saying "sey fun churng")

(Then a whole mess of angry Cantonese and curse words continue in the conversation.)

Me: (in Cantonese)"You didn't have to curse that much, did you?"

Rude FOB and Rude FOB's Friend: ":O..."

8. I don't mind cursing, if you keep that shit to a fucking minimum. Hell, I'll fucking call someone a fucking bitch, I'll say 'shit,' if the word is appropriate, but if you're saying 'fuck' in every fucking sentence, I think you need to get the fuck away from me. It loses it's meaning if you're saying fuck all the time; people will think it is the standard way you speak (which it probably is). It's all correlating to Number 2 on this list.

9. Bad grammar makes me cringe (yes, I am a grammar Nazi). I admit that I don't have perfect grammar myself, but I do make an effort in correcting it everytime I spot the mistake. Reading essays in which people write the way they speak makes me cringe even more because the way normal people speak "don't have no good grammar."

10. I like visiting national parks. It's almost like viewing nature without the taint of humankind. I find it very relaxing, and inspiring in some ways. I feel lucky to have parents who enjoy the same aesthetics, and actually find the time to take me to such beautiful places.

11. When I go to an apparel store, I like looking at the underwear section. I think something about the elaborate designs and the LACE makes compels me to it. (Hinthinthint: I like underwear gifts! ;))

12. When I was in 3rd grade, I peed in my dress at school. (Cue laughter) I needed to go pee for the longest time before class ended, but that bitch of a teacher didn't let me go, but she let the other kid go. I REALLY needed to go. Then after class, even though the bathroom was a few steps away, my friend (not knowing I needed to go pee) jumped on me from behind to hug me, and I couldn't hold it in anymore, so I peed. I was crying, with mixed feelings of embarassment, resentment towards my teacher, and relief. My parents were going to sue her, but decided to drop it.

13. I love speaking in a language other than English, using it as a secret code.

14. I want to continue learning Japanese, but there aren't any speakers for me to practice with on a daily basis. Doushite?! :(

15. Most people have not found what kind of major they want to major in, but I have. I am majoring in environmental sciences, and I love it! Have you ever taken a class, like chemistry, and forgot everything after a test? Well, when I took an environmental science class, everything I learned stuck with me, and I believed it was a calling. Yes, this is definately the major for me.

16. My AIM screen name is ichigobby, not pronounced as "ichi gobby," but "eecheego baby." It was inspired by the name of this strawberry flavored chocolate I used to eat (Choco Baby, but strawberry version), but they don't make it anymore. :(

Okay I can go on with more random facts, but I have a final on Saturday from 7-10PM. Who in the world came up with that plan? I have no idea.


Kylie said...

ahhh wtf your teachers a bitch for not letting you go pee.. i remember i had teachers like that too in elementary sk0o. they would let some kids pee (tha ones they favored) and they wouldnt let the others -.-

i love nana<3 have you seen yakitate japan? its one of my faves

s.tat said...

dude. steph. i'll always remember ur third grade story.

Wasin said...

What great stories! I totally remember the fobs at the lockers. when you talked back to them I was like, "Uhh, Steph, what did you just say to them? Are they gonna come and fob us up now with their people?" Then I remembered I was immune to them! Natural resistance... haha get it ;)?

Anonymous said...

I loved reading the #7 dialogue. Hahaha. Now I learned something in Canto too ;)

#1-3. So passive-agressive!

Hey grammar-Nazi, you spelled "definitely" incorrectly in #15. It nearly burned my eyes out.

And now I know you peed in yours pants, and I'll forever use that against you<3