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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Late Christmas List: Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays, my dear readers!!

Stephanie is a material girl, living in a material world.
Here is a list of what she wants, if it matters hehe. I'm all late. :P

- Giftcard(s), especially from Target, Gap, Forever 21, H&M, Sephora, MAC, Macy's, Takashima (on Valley!), or anywhere else you think I'd shop at is fine.

- A warm sweater, preferably in dark/bold colors.

- Nikon D40 camera, so that I can take pro-looking pictures of my fewd.

- World of Warcraft prepaid game card LOL.

- Warcraft III Battlechest (I used to play with my brother's copy, not my own).

- Starcraft (because I lost my copy :( )

- Cosmetics, of course!

- BB Cream (from Missha or Skin Food, preferably)

- Anything strawberry related.

- Anything Totoro related.

- Chocolates. Mmmm.

- Hobby/art related stuff.

- Red envelopes (with money inside LOL).

-Something that's made by you!

- And last, but not least, to see her dear friends by the end of this break.

I'll update more about my week after my escapade in the next couple of days.


Steve said...

psh you rejected me for cafe!!

Pengu56 said...

That is an awesome list hahaha.

If anybody gives you SC, tell me!
I'll reinstall my copy HAHA.
Gotta start practicing again..SC2 is coming!!!