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Monday, December 8, 2008

Finals Week(end).

It's the weekend before finals start, and I should be like every other good student and be studying. Unfortunately, that's not what I've been doing this weekend.

Before I start talking about my weekend, I was at Daphne's to study for a Lab Final, but prior to that, we tried to make some potato chips. These were shaped like bears! They tasted good, if they weren't burnt in the oven that cooks so unevenly.

Intentionally, I was over at Daphne's to study Geology together. We ended up doing things other than studying. For example, we went to the nearest Super Target. Mind you, it was the first Super Target I've been in, and it was AMAZING. I love Target to death, over Wal-Mart any day. And to have stepped into Target was like being a fat kid in a candy shop. Mmm. We bought groceries for the post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas dinner we decided to have.

The next day, we decided to hop over to Little Tokyo, just so I can show her around. She's from the Bay, as well as a fellow Japanese-product-aholic, I thought she might like it there. My deductions were correct. We walked around Little Tokyo, but had to return home within a matter of a couple of hours so that we could make it home to contribute our part to our dinner. I bought some double eyelid glue for fun, just so I can see how I look like with my non-existent double eyelids, though I've grown to love and accept my single-eyelidness.

On our way home, we stopped by Joann's (Superstore!), and picked up some Sculpey. That night, we had our humungous (but super-unhealthy) feast. The homemade Mac-and-Cheese had at least nine cups of fresh cheese, four different cheeses. Seriously, I have never seen so much butter and milk and cheese used in a single meal. Everyone was dying at the end of the feast, not to mention the amount of dishes that piled up.

We made some clay stuff that night, as well as making a run to 7-11 for some midnight Slurpees. Soooo unhealthyyy.. I need to detox with some fresh vegetables and fruits, and white rice. I need rice!

I came home today after eventually studying with her. Hey, I guess if I did study while I was over, our fun would've ended! On the flip side of all this, we bonded a bit and got to know each other a little better, so that was nice.

I know everyone's finals aren't this week, but I know they are around this time. So I hope everyone does well on their finals!! :)


Wasin said...

That is the cutest potato chip I've ever seen :9

Kylie said...

wow what a feast! :) did you guys make the pumpkin pie too??