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Monday, January 26, 2009

On hiatus... until I feel like blogging wholeheartedly.


I am currently on hiatus because I am not in the mood to blog lately. There had been so many things going on since my last entry that I didn't even consider blogging. It's not really dead. Really. So stay tuned. Think of this as a blog entry hehe.

Oh, before I forget, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! I hope those who celebrate it gets piles of red envelopes with money! Hehehe, and don't forget to indulge in all that yummy food.

Nineteen credits this semester. Self-explanatory.
I have midterms coming up that I really need to study for (I had one today, and another one tomorrow). I was not happy with my grades from last quarter. The library is my new home.

I also scheduled an appointment with my academic advisor. I was supposed to meet her today, but I totally forgot to. Eeesh.

Wish me luck, and hope you guys come back on a later date. :)


Wasin said...

Yay an update finally! :D Great to see you working hard in school :) I'm sure it'll all pay off in the end. And since you asked for it, good luck on your midterms. Not that you'll be needing it though. :)

Toshiro Tsuha said...

oh no, just as i was getting hooked =/

Nana said...

19 credits! you go woman, i remeber when i was doing 16-18 units every semester. its definintely hard work!! but you know its worth it and you just appreciate yourself much more for putting yourself through that. i felt like it was totally worth it. just gotta keep yourself motivated!! =)