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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Now, a small holiday-related diversion away from the usual posts.
Oh yeah, Joan came over to help me finish my curry (see previous post)! Yay! <3. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ss-jZob9qd4/STTPBv6CnDI/AAAAAAAADoI/H2xUMtcHxiM/s1600-h/P1100350.JPG">
My lame sister. Do we look alike?

The dorky brother who enjoys camera ho-ing as much as I do.

We got good genes LOL.

My favorite purikura pose.
"The fun in Cue's is when you're running out of time on the timer, and you're winging the poses."

I got back to my apartment on Sunday afternoon. While I was in the car, I nodded off for five minutes. I was half awake and asleep enough for me to dream. In the dream, I was walking on a tile surface, with my view facing the floor. All of a sudden, I saw myself slip in a slippery puddle of water, and I woke up with my whole body reacting like it would if it did trip in real life. LOL. Thought you might like this little story. I checked my mailbox for mail, and my package arrived! The thing I ordered is a small package, but it arrived in a box that was at least five times its size, so my hopes were up and I thought the company included extra gifts (who doesn't like freebies?). To my dismay, it only included the thing, and lots of shredded pink paper. What a waste! I'm keeping the box to reuse it though. I'm doing my part to be environmentally-aware (har har). :)

I hope everyone had a jovial, normal Thanksgiving!
The four-day weekend went by too fast. I'm just looking forward to the break after finals. Chyeahhh boi!


Kylie said...

duuude you turned down a juicy couture purse?? ahhh ur crazayyy :( haha jk. u & ur sis & bro lo0k nuthin alike! didja go to genki living for crepes?? lets go next time!

Steve said...

psh juicy....get a LV or a Gucci!!...plus i had to leave my weekly comment on your blog :D

Anonymous said...

omg! i saw your curry post & it made me hungry! i made that kind of curry (the cube kind) a few weeks ago and it was yummy! LOL @ "bring ur own rice"

about the shadow insurance- mine did the same exact thing. so you are not alone! i figured its just juice since its been sitting on the shelf. :)

im subscribing. i love food too! :)thx for stoppin by!