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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Excess Curry.


I was scavenging through my empty cabinets to figure out what kind of dinner I should make for the night. I found a box of unopened curry cubes, and decided that I should make curry. Afterall, I do have all the necessary ingredients. Lo and behold, I made too much.

Right now, it's sitting there on low heat so that the potatoes and the meat would get tender and flavorful. Anyone living near me want to have some curry for lunch? Or dinner perhaps? I'm a retard for making so much when I'm not going to be around for Thanksgiving weekend. PLEASE help me finish! I don't want to waste it, and I promise that it is delicious! I prefer that you bring your own rice, but if you can't, whatever. AIM IM me at ichigobby if you want details on where I reside.

That's how big my pot of curry is.

Doesn't that look delicious? ;)

Besides the above, I am going to Vegas. Outlet shopping baby! Call me up if you're also in the area, and we will chill.

And I just checked my e-mail; My She Space makeup is going to arrive tomorrow!! Yay!!

That's it for now.


Steve said...

mmmmmm curry!! imma save that picture as my wallpaper! :D

Kylie said...

oh man... if only u lived so much closer! :( boooooooooooo i want tht damn curry... it looks delicious.. girl come over to my house! lets have a co0king date <3

Lillian said...

>.> I love curry. You know that. That looks good<3