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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Joan Weekend.

This entry is dedicated to Joan, because she had helped me take effort in keeping me away from my unhealthy, unhealthy addiction.

(Oh, and I think a lot of my blog posts are going to be full of pictures, so reader beware! Or more like people with low-bandwidth, beware!)

Joan took me out for the weekend (excluding today), and to summarize it, I had a blast, despite the fact that I seem like ("seems like" is an understatement) some introverted loser who plays WoW all day because she has nothing better to do but to write in a food blog and run dungeons in a highly-addictive video game. /sigh. The group of people she hung out (her dance troupe) with were pretty chill. I immediately became comfortable. She popped my "drinking-with-friends cherry!" As well as breaking my hatred towards beer (although beer tastes so nasty).

A little thing about me that you all should know, is that I have a humungous sweet tooth. The first thing I look at whenever I go to a restaurant is the "Desserts" and "Drinks" section before I decide my entrees. Since she invited me to Guppy's, I could not resist the temptation! Mmm... condensed milk, strawberries, and ice. I'm going to develop diabetes when I get old. The waiter also gave us a bottle of condensed milk (not pictured), which was awesome. However we didn't even finish half of that bottle. The troupe ordered food, and the waiter assembled the food to make it look fancy, or presentable. For example, he assembled Pete(r)'s food to resemble a smiley face. The waiter said, "why don't you take a picture?" to everything that he served us to. LOL.

And because this IS a food blog, food pictures should also be posted. I present you with Church's Chicken (bombass fried chicken), cookies with ghosts that say 'hi,' Asian fried chicken (the best kind, in my opinion), Asian buttered toast (also the best kind), shaved ice with strawberries and condensed milk, liquor, beautiful people, cool looking caps... wait what? It's supposed to be about food!

Cheers to you, Joan! Thanks for the weekend. <3


Joan said...

You are extremely cute! I was going to blog too, but then I ended up cooking cinnabons! LOL

Anyways, I'm SOOO happy you had a good weekend. Infact, I'm SOO GLAD you texted me to hang out. I was talking to some of my friends, and they were like "She should hang out with us more often!" haha.

Welps, just remind you that my birthday coming up and that we should make moree memoriessss yayyyyy!!!

Kylie said...

mmmm yumm :) tha fried chicken looks like fckin heaven. i loveeee fried chicken! and youre so gorgeous! you should post more pics of urself :)

Steve said...

what happened to your profile pic??!!?

lo.christine417 said...

stephy, i love GERMAN BEER =) heiffenweisen (cant spell) is the only good one so far in the states. miss my schneider weisse and my zvettler in austria =( and i hate budlight and corona...guinness still works though. and its so sad that i cant drink stephy!!! sigh* i get so red in the face it sucks. pepcid ac is the way to go.

Wasin said...

What do you mean weaksauce? :[

Well anyways, want to buy me a box of Church's chicken when you come back home? Just kidding... but seriously my sister and I are starving since our mommy's not home for the month. You should come grab a bite with us for old times sake :)

And lastly, what do you mean I missed out on Guppy House run when I was in Irvine? I thought I was the one who told you about that place :P

Beauty is Androgynous said...

lol i agree she is "weird" looking.

but her makeup is great! haha