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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

I was home for the weekend, and I loved every second of it.

When I'm at home, I get to see my family (including my dogs), and my friends. This weekend was pretty much productive; caught up with old friends, whom I haven't seen from around three to ten months, so it was nice seeing them. Saturday night after dinner, my dad asked me, "you're not going out tonight?" Later that night, a friend asked me out to eat sushi with him because he wasn't fond of 1-on-1 guy dinners. Being an awesome friend, I accompanied them, despite the fact that I've already had dinner, and the fact that I'm not too fond of sushi (/gasp, the Japanese-aholic doesn't like sushi? Bite me.), although the display is quite pretty. For dessert, we got some crepes. Yay dessert! There are more perks to being at home, but I'll let the pictures explain the rest.

Oh, and I get to play with my beloved furballs (another thing I'm very passionate about). I think I have a fetish for up-close nose shots.

Oscar is such a sweetie (and very photogenic!). Hehe he likes to look into the camera!
Munmun is old and likes to bum around nowadays. However, he does strike very nice poses that make him look gallant and noble (his shiny black fur is a plus).

For lunch, I made some dumplings. I wanted to eat some rice, but my roommate didn't scrape off the rice she made over the weekend. Thanks a lot. -_- HI ROOMMATE /wave (I hope you read this, and consider the fact that I am extremely passive aggressive, so take heed.)! I also boiled me some boba to go with my green tea milk tea. Yay boba!

Interesting. I started the post with a picture of a drink (Lava Flow) and ended it with a drink (green tea milk tea).


Wasin said...

LMAO did Tinh and Bryan make you go eat at Tokyo Table with them? I can totally feel for you cause normally it'd be my job to go on those 1 on 1 on 1 guy meals but this week I had to flake :P

Anyways, since you always comment on my blogs I'll return the favor. And thanks for having a boba run with me this weekend to prevent me and Manee from starving at home. It's nice to hear from you again for the first time in ages...

Speaking of which, I wonder if the brown one and the black one have forgotten about me and will attack me now if I ever cross their paths randomly? My sister says I'm being stupid so I'll stop talking now =X. Oh and lastly she thanks you for returning her "A Walk to Remember" DVD that she's been dying to see for the past year.

Kylie said...

awwee no homemade food pics (except for tha boba drink)! :( but still love reading your post :) i find u very entertaining hehe

lo.christine417 said...


Kimberly Tia said...

gassssssp... food PORN and cute puppies... I could just DIE HAPPY.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! hahah! The first time I had it, I thought it looked like little worms! hahah..;)

joyceenicolee said...

your blog makes me hungry. haha

HI ! (=