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Monday, November 3, 2008

Catching up

I am truly lucky to have such great parents.

I've got a dad who spends his time after work to drive an hour to my apartment to pick me up, along with a hodgepodge of my belongings, and drive an hour back home. He also drives me back to my apartment at the end of the weekend. Mind you, that is at least four hours spent on the freeway altogether (not counting bad traffic on the 60 either). This is one of the reasons why I try to avoid going home so often, as he is one of my only methods of getting home. My parents would hate if it I took the train to go home.

My mom is just as amazing, if not more. She calls me every day (yes, every day), and brings me to a guilt trip when I fail to make that one call for the day (though it can get very annoying, but that's okay). She makes sure my fridge at my apartment is full of food, and that I won't starve while she's not around. And what's in my fridge? Let me tell you what's in my freezer; homemade eggrolls and potstickers, meats and seafood, and frozen pizza from Costco (I swear, that's the only processed food in my food supply). In my fridge, there is fresh romaine lettuce, fresh tofu, bread, milk, eggs, along with the dinners/lunches my mom prepares on the day that I leave. Let me specify her Sundays on the weekends that I'm home. She gets up earlier than me in the morning, goes grocery shopping with my dad, then comes home at around noon. She prepares a couple of dishes for me to bring, so that I can easily heat these up and eat them with rice. That's a meal! She also prepares soup for me. This weekend, she prepared some curry chicken and potatoes, lemongrass pork, and ginger chicken soup (for me to be warm during these cold days). That's her whole Sunday afternoon right there, preparing food for me. How can I not be thankful for such a great cook for a mother? I feel like a modern day princess when I'm at home.

Just because there was a small demand for more pictures of food, I'll go post some. These foods were concocted in the previous weeks, but I was too lazy to post. I suppose I'll give a brief description of each picture/food.

This pasta was created with some alfredo sauce I bought from Trader Joe's for $2.99. I think it's pretty tasty sauce. I threw in some boiled and drained pasta, alfredo sauce, spinach, garlic, and shrimp in there. But I had some pasta left over. What did I do with it?

I came up with an oriental-tasting pasta, which was inspired from how I usually cooked my fried rice. It was delicious, but unfortunately I didn't have any pictures of the finished meal.

Speaking of fried rice, I make bombass fried rice. I make this when I have left over spam and rice. I keep a bag of frozen mixed carrots and peas in my freezer for stuff like this. What sauce do I use? Vegetarian oyster sauce, and no, it's not as bad as you think once you taste this fried rice. I even caught my roommate sneaking some into bowl, and she thought she was sneaky! LOL.

My mom's prepared frozen eggrolls look like this after I have fried them. It's hard to believe that it was frozen! These babies are the ONLY eggrolls I would eat huge amounts of (aside from the ones my aunt makes, but I digress). The filling includes mainly taro, shrimp (this is what makes it tasty), onions, carrots, vermicelli, and salt&pepper I think. They are the tastiest eggrolls, EVAR. Even ask my friend Shelly; I invite her over to my parties because I know she loves these. So, can I entice you readers (whom I assume are my friends) to come over and visit me? I re-created a Vietnamese dish with some vermicelli noodles, vegetables, and the fish sauce my mom made. I have a glass of the sauce kept in my fridge. The resulting dish is something like a fresh-tasting garden salad.

Finally, the potstickers my mom made at home. The filling was made using her own recipe, and wrapped by her, with love. <3. They can be found frozen in my freezer, but whenever I want to eat them, I take them out and cook them. They smell sooo good after they're ready. Don't they also look good?

Oh and another note, most of these meals only took <30 minutes to prepare. As my jack-of-all-trades uncle would always say, " I am proud of myself!"


Kylie said...

i loveeeee food pictures and yours are definitely yummmmmmy :)

Kylie said...

btw how do u co0k ur frozen dumplings? js fry with oil or boil then fry?

Stephanie said...

I have a method of cooking frozen dumplings.

Put some oil in your pan, make sure it's a little boiled, then start placing the dumplings in. Have a cup of water ready to pour into the pan, then cover the pan with its lid. Let it sit there until all the water is gone, then it'll start browning :D

lo.christine417 said...

Stephy seriously you should leave cooking recipes with instructions on your blog. Just from that potstickers comment I learned so much!

Joan said...

You are ridiculous. I cannot cook for shit! I am so proud of you.

I didn't want to leave xanga, but people were reading my entries from wayy back! Like even to 2003! I can tell they made sns just so they can read my entries, I couldn't take it anymore. =/

Since I have a new phone, I dont have any numbers. =( boo 626 227 5107. Text or call me, doesnt matter.

But yeah I'm always in town over the weekend! I don't really like going back to Alhambra. =X Hit me up on Friday!

Kylie said...

o0hh thanks for sharing :) im going to make some next time.. cus i always have frozen dumplings but i didnt know how to make em

Steve said...

wow the mom/pop story made me tear up!! =*) let me know what your schedule is like on fridays...elaine has class but is done at 1 or 2pm..i forget...but maybe you could catch a ride back to 626 once in awhile :D in return...i want some of that fried rice!!!

mayobeam said...

AWWWW STEPHHH :)your mom's homemade eggrolls are amazing. YUMYUM, NOMNOM!!