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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stephanie's First Giveaway!! :)

Why helloo there! I hope the headline caught your attention!

I am doing a free giveaway to help promote my store! If you want to participate, just make sure you follow all the rules below, or your entry will be voided.

Giveaway ends on Monday, June 6th 12:00AM PST
Tuesday, June 16th 12:00AM PST

+ Open to anyone to participate (girls and guys), including my international readers ;)
+ You must be subscribed to Always Hungry (http://chefstephly.blogspot.com) and Steph's Stuff (http://stephsstuffstore.blogspot.com)
+ You must make a post on your blog including the following things.
  • Write about your favorite jewelry item and why it's your favorite. If you don't wear jewelry, then please write about your favorite fruit! Tell me why it's your favorite. Either one or the other, or even both if you'd like ;)
  • Include a picture of you wearing your favorite jewelry item (just because I like eye candy ;) )
  • There should be Always Hungry's and Steph's Stuff's URLs somewhere on your post, saying that I have a giveaway going on.
+ Please link your blog post by commenting on this post, and include the e-mail address that you wish to be contacted with when you win.

Because that's the incentive of participating, right? ;) For now, there will only be one winner. Depending on how many people participate, not only will I have the incentive to increase the prize size, but I will list a second winner as well. I'm not expecting this giveaway to be big, but with every 25 people that participate, I'll add another winner hehe. So tell all your friends!! :) I'm including MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink in the love pack hehe.

The prize will include some kind of item that's not listed in my store, as well as a pendant. It's really a surprise, but I'll give you some hints: cosmetics, and yummy snacks! Don't worry, it'll be somewhat generous!

Sounds easy right? I hope you guys have fun with this, and good luck!!


Anonymous said...

as per your request!

my entry: http://mrskalila.blogspot.com/2009/05/contest-entry-my-favorite-piece-of.html


Sugar said...

This is my entry:


and e-mail:


Anonymous said...

here you goooo, i do hope you like my jewellery and its cool to show it off :)


and my email address.....


Pop Champagne said...

Hey Steph! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Today my dentist said that I need a root canal done on my front tooth which costed me $200 :( SOOO SAD! I was so close to ordering some blingage! I'd have to wait till next month's pay cheque BUT I'm putting together the photos for your contest ;)

throuthehaze said...

my entry:

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Caramel Diva said...

Hi I love your blog its super cute. I'm a new follower hope your contest turns out great

chunkee munkee said...

posted your contest, and thanks for the super giveaway!





KawaiiFallenStar said...


Posted it on that blog. Both links are on there.. on the names.

My entry is on the bottom..
Love the giveaway..

My email addy is:

Keep blogging..Thanks:D
Shan x

Pop Champagne said...

Hey Steph here's my entry!


*~k~* said...

Hi Stephanie! :)
Great idea for a giveaway! <3

Here is my entry:



Chomsiri said...

hey steph!

here's my entry

btw, i think you made a typo. tuesday is the 16th, no? you put 18th

Chomsiri said...

oops i forgot to put my email address its


Narita said...

Hi, sweetie! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Please check out my post at http://naritasblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/fav-jewelry.html

e-mail: znarita@gmail.com
I'm heading to Vegas soon and wasn't planning to do shopping but after your HK Pink Fish gem find I'm hoping to get a chance to visit CCO. :)

Amberry said...

Hey Steph,

here is my post :
(i will translate it tomorrow)

my e-mailadress: CarryZi@freenet.de

Bye Amberry =)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Here you go! :)


& my email is - yoshimizu24@aol.com

Thanks for holding this giveaways <3

CherieKoala said...

Here is my entry:


Email: littlehill@gmail.com

Thanks for having such nice giveaway!