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Sunday, July 26, 2009

干物女Himono Onna

This past week, I was watching a J-Dorama called "Hotaru no Hikari" or "Glow of the Firefly." In this drama, an interior decorator named Hotaru Amemiya is respected by her coworkers for being efficient and having good working habits. However, whenever there are company get-togethers, she does not attend them; instead she'd rather go home, eat junk food, and read manga all day. She also does not have a boyfriend, so she doesn't care how she dresses at home; you can find her in the grossest t-shirts with old stains and rips. In fact, she's so sloppy that she passes out underneath newspapers sometimes. In this dorama (which was based on the manga), this description is called a "himono onna," or "dried woman."

I can totally relate to this character, minus the lack of a boyfriend hahaha! Instead of going out all the time, as long has there is a manga/drama/fanfic/book/video game to look forward to at home, I'd rather be home than anywhere else. One of my guilty pleasures definitely includes lounging at home in my most comfortable (sometimes the most ugly) clothing!

After I have finished watching Hotaru no Hikari, I switched from Asian drama to an American television series called "True Blood." It was based on the popular series of novels called The Southern Vampire Mysteries. For anyone who hasn't heard of this HBO series, it takes place in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, when the vampire population had made their existence known to the world. Many vampires face discrimination (how ironic it being in Louisiana) and persecution from the humans (and of course vice versa), however there are some "bad" vampires that prey and feed on human blood... So how do they feed? The Japanese created synthetic blood (they invent everything!) for the vampires to drink so that they don't prey on humans, but of course, nothing can beat the real thing. :P Sookie Stackhouse (portrayed by Anna Paquin, who is Rogue in the X-Men movies) is the protagonist, as well as her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton (some British actor). Lots of ass and titties, gore, but very funny at times!

I have a fetish for any romantic genre media relating vampires. None of that lame Twilight stuff, I like the more raw stuff, if you know what I mean ;) There are only two seasons out so far, and just to put it out there, in one of the episodes when Bill goes shopping for clothes, he was at the Forever 21 at the Santa Anita Mall! I get impatient when I have to wait for new episodes to be released - especially if I know that it's based on a book/manga. Then I'd want to go search for the book/manga online and read ahead. Blarghhh it's so bad! :(

Anna Paquin is pretty, but I can't help but stare at the gap between Sookie's front teeth...

Mmm, Alexander Skarsgård. Why are the Swedish so much better looking than everyone?

Which are some of your favorite dramas/television series? :P

(P.S. I haven't been blogging or getting anything done because I have been streaming videos on my laptop all day... /sigh.)


Pop Champagne said...

haha I can relate to that character too, I'm pretty lazy outside of work, I've moved to Ottawa for over a year now but I'm still too lazy to find a family doctor lol!! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Tiffany said...

I want to see true blood now!

I have a fetish for any romantic genre media relating vampires. None of that lame Twilight stuff, I like the more raw stuff, if you know what I mean ;) HECK YEAH. twilight sucks. THERE'S MORE KISSING IN DISNEY MOVIES >:(>:(>:(

omg the gap between her teeth is quite annoying. lol only b/c I'm anal like that but I'm a hypocrite b/c my two front teeth are like RABBIT TEETH and people think there's a gap.

anyways, I think I rather you blog when you feel like it because if you force yourself, your writing will be too cramped and blah and gross and yeah.. lol. so keep watching videos and tell us about it haha cause that dorama sounds awesome!

Kym said...

that gap between her teeth is so distracting. haha! ;P

Zoe said...

Now u made me wannna watch Hotaru no Hikari ,the latest one that I have watched is the one which the main actress has a robot boyfriend, have you ever watched that?Makes me wanna have a robot boyfriend T T

KIITZYY said...

i heard true bloods really good! is there a book out?? i tend to like to read and play out stories in my head :) i can also relate to hotaru in a way because i tend to not like social gatherings either :/ haha.. and thank god to spray-n-wash cuz i dont have any stains on my clothes! :)

Loke said...

haha. i might be that lady too: just want to hang out at home. comfort from home is irreplaceable.


Jaimie said...

i know right, alexander is sooo sexyyyy!