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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blog Sale Directory

Mrs. Kalila is so brilliant, she created a blog dedicated to listing ongoing blogger sales.
For those of us who are blogger sale trolls, this is a very convenient way to readily see all the current blog sales in one place... damn sales are urging me to purchase more things I don't need!!


I sure as hell did right when she first announced it!

Thanks Mrs. Kalila! Thank you for taking your time to create and compile this!


Pop Champagne said...

yeah that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph it's Linda :) I was scrolling down and I think your pink toenails with the zebra stripes are so adorable!!! XD just wanted to tell you taht lol

Sugar Bunnie said...

love the idea♥

Sugar Bunnie said...

the link is down, what happen

Jaclyn Rose said...

I wonder what happened to Kalila. Do you know? Anyways, I found your blog through google search so I thought to let you know that I'm starting a blog sale directory on my blog, check it out if you want to help spread the word.